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What is CREAMA?

CREAMA CREAMA is a driving force of the economic and social activity of the Marina Alta region, which means it is an organisation that works for you. We give advice to people that want to start a new business or company; we look for funding channels for investment, through public or private aids; we manage European resources to promote new jobs and to serve groups in need; we provide training to promote social and professional integration; we provide LABORAservices (employment and training services of the Valencian Community) such as AutoServef so that citizens can manage their own demand for labour; and we encourage the creation of new sources of employment to provide opportunities to more people.


History of the Organisation

CREAMA Consortium for the Economic Recovery and Activity of the Marina Alta region, CREAMA is a non-profit organisation founded in 1994 with the clear purpose of revitalising the economic and social activity of the Marina Alta region. It was born from the will of cooperation of three city councils of this region – Benissa, Dénia y Pego – which, along with the INEM and the Diputación de Alicante, decided to develop an independent organisation, under the legal form of “Consortium”, that promotes local development activities in the region.

Subsequently and concurrently to the transfer process, the Generalitat Valenciana joined the Consortium through its entity involved in employment (LABORA), with the purpose of providing clear support to its activities and taking part in the design of its policies.

The City Councils of Calpe, Gata de Gorgos, Jávea, Pedreguer, Teulada-Moraira gradually joined this consortium. They, along with the City Councils of Dénia, Benissa and Pego, through their Local Development Agencies and under the corporate image of CREAMA, promote activities that generate employment and social cohesion.

Purpose, View and Values


CREAMA CREAMA is a public consortium that brings together eight City Councils of the Marina Alta region, whose purpose is to promote Local Development in this region with the support of other provincial and autonomous institutions.

Our services are oriented to those people who are working on their social and professional integration, intend to improve their training or need advice for the creation and modernisation of their business, acting with the purpose of contributing to the economic and social development of our region and fulfilling sustainability criteria in all our actions.


CREAMA es una institución conocida y respetada en su entorno más próximo, el local, pero también es un referente en las Administraciones Públicas de otro ámbito territorial, con las cuales colabora y comparte objetivos.

CREAMA aims to be the benchmark body of the region, recognised for its prestige and its social implementation, for its knowledge of the territory and its capacities in the areas where it takes part: training, social and professional integration and business promotion. Its aim is also to be the innovative benchmark that works as a counterbalance in order to be a powerful force that contributes to lead the qualitative change of the socioeconomic network in our territory and to gradually expand our presence in the region.


  • Quality. We provide quality advice and training services, based on the current labour market trends for those who need them.
  • Commitment. We seek the commitment of the entire organisation on the activities that we undertake in order to be as effective as possible.
  • Flexibility. We are flexible in order to adapt ourselves to the needs of our users and also to the needs of the region.
  • Involvement The staff of the organisation is very involved in achieving the objectives set by the management and the several bodies that give grants for the different areas.
  • Innovation We intend that all the projects and initiatives proposed are innovative and have a positive impact on the business and social network of the region.
  • Promotion of New ICT. CREAMA promotes the use of New Information and Communication Technologies and applies management criteria in its organisation based on technological advances and the recognition of the human factor as an indisputable value to promote social progress.
  • Continuous improvement. CREAMA is an organisation that supports continuous improvement. That is why we provide continuous training for all the staff.
  • Staff. CREAMA counts on a team of prepared people and with proven experience to provide service to the requirements that constantly arise.
  • Initiative. We are a regional organisation with a proactive attitude towards employment, business, training and project management advice aimed at promoting the growth of our territory.

Current strategies of the company

The strategies that have guided and continue to guide the right course for our organisation are detailed below:

  • To develop human resources.
  • To know the needs of the labour market and training.
  • To provide information and professional guidance for creating and/or maintaining employment.
  • To perform community work and social and professional integration of people with special difficulties.
  • To create new businesses.
  • To strengthen the existing economic activities.
  • To recover agricultural and craft activities.
  • To promote and improve fishing and maritime activity.
  • To create its own industrial and technological basis about futuristic areas.
  • To implement European programmes that promote cooperation between the different member countries, aimed at building a Europe for the citizens.
  • To use and disseminate New Information and Communication Technologies.

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