Nautical Activities Directorate


Here you can check the Directorate of Businesses that offer Nautical Services in the Marina Alta. Their aim is to present in a unified way the existing nautical services in the region. This information refers to: Marinas and Marinas, enterprises related to the maintenance, rental, sale or purchase of crafts and businesses that provide sport services.

The classified data about the companies can be checked according to the type of service: Rental-Purchase/Sale, Sports and Active Tourism, Nautical Management, Maintenance and Repair or Passage and Cargo, and their corresponding subcategories classified according to different advanced filters.

When a search is carried out, the contact details of the company or companies that provide those services will appear at the end of the web site.

NOTE: This directorate is made according to the data provided by the companies or the data of the web pages in order to make them available to the users. If you would like to modify any data or unsubscribe, please make the request through the Contact Form

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Directorio formación servicios Punt Nautic Creama

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