Entrepreneurship and Self Employment in the Marina Alta sailing sector.

Emprendedor Autoempleo organismos náuticos Marina Alta

Nautical entrepreneurship in the Marina Alta.

If you are thinking of starting a nautical business, we would like to give you an overview of:

  • Firstly, the business outlook in our region, and why to start a nautical business.
  • And then, information and links of interest on who to contact, organisations, associations, federations and sailing clubs.  
 Business outlook in the nautical sector in the Marina Alta.

Punt Nàutic, (which is a project carried out by CREAMA, within the framework of the Regional Agreement on Employment and Local Development of the Marina Alta, and it is part of the pilot projects programme promoted by LABORA), has carried out a study of the nautical sector in the Marina Alta. In this work, a section has been developed in which the conclusions of the different key nautical agents who were interviewed are collected. Here we set out in a table, a part of this research, collecting in an orderly manner the weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities (SWOT), to give an overview of the nautical sector of our region.


  • Complying with regulations by dealing with different institutions separately.

  • Conflicting interests between the different aspects of the nautical sector.

  • The current nautical model is not sufficiently exploited in its tourist perspective.

  • The experience factor is still more important than nautical training.

  • Under-use of training resources and nautical infrastructures and therefore lack of training in the area with specific job options.

  • Clear lack of language knowledge.

  • Existence of an underground economy, especially in everything related to nautical repair and maintenance.

  • Important differences between the vocational training provided in the centres and the needs of the companies.

  • There is a lack of an informative tool with a regional vision.


  • The privileged location and climate of the Marina Alta.
  • The strategic geographical position of our territory provides benefits in terms of the flow of tourists and visitors and a powerful source of competitive advantage.
  • Wide range of nautical infrastructures.
  • The beaches and coves have been exploited appropriately and in a sustainable manner.
  • Experience guarantees the quality and good work of the nautical, fishing and sport sector.
  • Emergence of innovative projects related to the fishing sector and local products.

  • Environmental problems that affect natural resources and hinder the work and/or enjoyment of the sea.
  • The lack of collaboration between the different agents and areas of the region when developing common strategies.

  • Finding a common ground for a peaceful coexistence between diving and fishing.
  • The maritime sector needs to collaborate with the tourism sector in order to continue to grow and offer supplementary alternatives.
  • The natural and human resources that exist throughout the coastal territory present an opportunity for the revitalisation of the area and the creation of employment.
  • The value and potential of the local product related to the sea.

SWOT summary table general area. (Created by Punt Náutic 2018).

Proposals for business strategies in the Marina Alta.

The research carried out by the "Punt Náutic" Creama, within the framework of the nautical sector, has highlighted the need to revitalise the maritime activity in all its aspects. One of the proposals to look for a solution to these needs is to provide specialised professionals for each of the jobs offered in our region in the maritime field. A job opportunity lies in training in the nautical sector to become a professional in this field.

When thinking about entrepreneurship, we can study the business potential that would arise in two ways. On the one hand, the services that are contracted. On the other hand, nautical materials that are purchased. It is analysed in the research that these resources are mostly supplied from outside our region. The entrepreneur must analyse which of these services and materials, that are contracted outside the Marina Alta, would represent competitive advantages to be carried out in our territory. And by bringing these projects to reality, it would be possible to develop economic and nautical business activity in our territory.

In short, on this website, we aim to inform the entrepreneur, on the way to starting their business. And, thus, promote the creation of small businesses, which are responsible for boosting the economy and the maritime sector of the Marina Alta.

Entrepreneurship and Self Employment in the Marina Alta sailing sector.
What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs are those who individually or in groups create business ideas. Entrepreneurship is a process whereby an individual or group of individuals make organised efforts to pursue ideas and opportunities. The purpose of undertaking this project is to create value and growth, satisfying desires and needs, through innovation and exclusiveness, regardless of the resources the entrepreneur possesses at the time.

What is Self-Employment?

Self employment is the Employment Situation of the person who creates a job for him/herself, provides the necessary capital for it and manages his/her own activity. This activity, which is started independently, is an alternative to usual employment.

Emprendedor Autoempleo sociedad Náutico proceso constitución

Job stability, autonomy and personal satisfaction.

As entrepreneurs, we do not depend on a boss to keep our job. We are the ones who are going to direct the activity of our company. Although the entrepreneur's path is hard, we must work within the principles of responsibility, perseverance, and the search for excellence, in order to obtain the desired success. Carrying out this task correctly will give us the satisfaction of a job well done, the result of our effort, our dedication and our passion.

Organisations related to the Sailing Sector.

Emprendedor Autoempleo organismos náuticos Marina Alta
Emprendedor Autoempleo organismos náuticos Marina Alta
Emprendedor Autoempleo organismos náuticos Marina Alta
Emprendedor Autoempleo organismos náuticos Marina Alta
Emprendedor Autoempleo organismos náuticos Marina Alta
Emprendedor Autoempleo organismos náuticos Marina Alta
Emprendedor Autoempleo organismos náuticos Marina Alta
Emprendedor Autoempleo organismos náuticos Marina Alta

Marinas of the Marina Alta:

Emprendedor Autoempleo organismos náuticos Marina Alta

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