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What is Punt Nàutic?

Punt Nàutic brings together the nautical information about the Marina Alta. On the one hand, from a commercial standpoint and on the other hand, from a training standpoint. Punt Nàutic establishes synergies between both aspects, with the ultimate purpose of promoting the implementation of specialised training that meets the needs of the nautical sector in the region.

This is a project caried out by CREAMA within the framework of the Regional Agreement on Employment and Local Development in Marina Alta,and it is part of the pilot projects programme promoted by LABORA.


“Avalem Territori” plan

This Plan covers the whole Valencian Community and focuses on the particular job creation potential of each region. It is an adaptation of the employment policies to the territory and to each production sector, which will allow the revision of the current model of the Valencian network system. In the Marina Alta, this project is part of the Regional Agreement on Employment and Development of La Marina Alta.

Territorial Analysis of the Marina Alta (November 2017)

As a starting point for this project, the Territorial Analysis of the Marina Alta was developed with the aim of reflecting in detail the current situation of the region at a socioeconomic, employment, social and territorial level, always taking into account the different areas that exist within the region.

Pilot Projects (December 2017)

The Pilot Projects Programme arose as a result of the the Territorial Analysis of the Marina Alta and was ratified by the members of the Regional Agreement on Occupation and Development of the Marina Alta together with those attending the 1st Citizen Forum for the Occupation of the Marina Alta held in September 2017.

These projects aim to go in depth in the knowledge of the Marina Alta in order to reinforce the services and actions for companies, entrepreneurs and unemployed people with difficulties to enter the labour market. The courses of action of the programme throughout this year (2018) will be three:

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